Redding Real Estate Market Statistics 5/24/08

Residential Listings:  There are 1,856 active listings and another 356 listings that are pending (in escrow)…up from 1,702 a little over a month ago!  Year-to-date during 2008 we have had 676 listings that have sold (closed escrow), during April 2008 we had 163 escrows closed and so far in May we have had 122 sold listings.  Overall statistic for the year 2007: there were 2,140 listings that sold (closed escrow) and were recorded in the MLS database.  

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A Kool April Nites Car Show

So…I promised my 2-year old that she could get some “cream”, or ice cream to us that speak the entire English language.  We went toward Dairy Queen and pulled into the parking lot and immediately realized the mistake I had made!  A quick inside-the-car shot:

Redding Kool April Nites

There was a pre-Kool April Nites car show in the parking lot.  Nearly every spot was taken by gorgeous, clean, shiny classic cars…hoods up, engines sparkling.  My daughter said “cars…cars” and was in awe, as was I.  This was just a sampling of what we will see on Friday night’s cruise!


Turtle Bay Museum Classes

If you look in our Redding Events Calendar you will see some classes that are going to be at Turtle Bay for gardening and outdoor activities.  If you have a green thumb (or even want to try to turn a black thumb green) these might be right up your alley.  For a small nominal charge (under $8) you can learn how to build a watergarden or take a class on what plants to grow in which areas for your Northern California garden.  You can even stroll over to their nursery and purchase the plants on the spot…and if you are a member you can get a 10% discount on all plants!  That’s a big bonus…


Video-Redding Xmas Lights!

If you are looking for a truly patriotic Christmas light display, look no further! This home, located on Gaines Ln. in Anderson, CA says it all! Complete with Christmas music! Every year Clint and I get to participate in the judging for the Record Searchlight’s annual light competition. This year had many new competitors coupled with some previous contenders…this being one of the repeat homes. Every year this home has a wonderful display, and being ex-military, this display took my vote for the best this year!


French Gulch Day Trip

We have wanted to start sharing information on day trips around the Redding area and we have a new one!  We had the pleasure recently of making our way to French Gulch for some business as well as pleasure.  If you aren’t familiar with the area, French Gulch is about 20 minutes West of Redding, shortly past Whiskeytown Lake.


The mining town of French Gulch was a direct result of the California Gold Rush back in 1849.  The town was named for the French Canadians that mined gold there during the gold rush, was the largest  of northern mines and was located on the California Oregon Trail.  Back in the day French Gulch had 4 saloons, 2 hotels, a post office and 2 mercantiles. 

The photo above is of the Historic French Gulch Hotel (also a quaint Bed and Breakfast).  The hotel provides many services including bed and breakfast, weddings and dinner services from Thursday through Saturday nights.  If you would like more information on the hotel you can visit their website here, which is where we found much information about the town and its history. 

  French Gulch: Sign at Highway 299 turn off to French Gulch French Gulch: French Gulch Saloon French Gulch: French Gulch Hotel French Gulch: French Gulch General Store and Post Office

Thanks again to the French Gulch Hotel for their hospitality!