Turtle Bay “Night At The Museum” Culture Shock

Looking for great nightlife fun in Redding?  Why not stop by Turtle Bay’s “Culture Shock” activities on the first Friday of each month.  This month (November 2008) features Cocktails with the Gecko’s (see below).  For more information visit the Culture Shock MySpace page


Shasta Lake Water Levels Expose History!

Shasta Lake Historically Low!If you are an adventurer or a “relic-hunter” there is a great opportunity awaiting you at Shasta Lake!  With the lake levels historically low you can view history that won’t be available for viewing after winter hits and rains start to fill the lake back up.  Redding.com has a great article about what’s been “uncovered” from the historically low water levels we are currently experiencing…but why not take a family trip out there and see for yourself???


Hiking and Walking Trails and Groups around Redding/Shasta

Shasta TrailsAre you into walking or hiking and looking for information on Shasta County and Redding trails?  Well thanks to www.VisitRedding.com here is some great information about all of the Shasta County trail systems including photos, maps and general data on local hiking, biking and walking trails.


Redding’s Trail Systems

Sacramento River Trail

Sacramento River Rail Trail

Westside/Mary Lake Trails

Blue Gravel Mine/Canyon Creek Trails

Lema Ranch Trails

Sacramento River Historic Sites

Hornbeck Trail

Don’t forget to visit www.visitredding.com for more great recreation information about our area!








Coyote Ugly in Redding? Nope that’s Johnny’s Cathouse!

Here’s the girls dancing on the bar to Devil Went Down To Georgia!  Sort of Coyote Uglyesque and fun and entertaining at the same time!  I can definately say the men enjoyed it!  But if this isn’t your cup of tea there are always the upstairs with 2 pool tables, dart board and bar that overlooks the first level…so you can people watch or just enjoy watching the live entertainment on the stage from above!  Let us know what you think and don’t forget you can post your photos here!

Johnny’s Cathouse – Bar in Redding, CA – Grand Opening
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Johnny’s Cathouse Grand Opening in Redding

So this is a photo of, well Clint’s head and the bar from far away at the new Johnny’s Cathouse next to Jacks Bar and Grill downtown Redding. This photo is taken with my phone and is at the beginning of the grand opening…an interesting mix of people are filtering in.  From men in ties, women in dresses…those that have just gotten off work…to a guy with dreadlocks and a woman with an “Obama for president” low-cut tanktop.  Hmm…this place will be an interesting addition to Redding!

We came tonight to show support since Clint’s mom (who’s also a Realtor) sold the liquor license to Johnny, who’s an old family friend.  We have realized that the place was packed with well-wishers and those happy to see him launch his dream with the grand opening of his own bar.  As he has been working the room to say “hi” to everyone he looks tired from all of the work yet happy to have his dream finally realized.

The location is great…across from Bombays and next to Jacks (a place for steaks).  Traditionally when you put your name in to eat at Jacks you want to be close-by because if they call your name and you aren’t there you will lose your dinner table and not be able to eat there.  Going to Bombays (or now Johnny’s) is a great way to kill an hour while you are waiting (as Clint’s mom and Pat did).

The entertainment varies…the jukebox actually takes selections so you pick the music!  Stuff the box with your favorite songs and enjoy the evening listening to what you want to…or wait until 9pm and hear the live band play.  Of course, there is the “Coyote Ugly” style show…girls dancing on the bar to Devil Went Down To Georgia…if you like that kind of thing (and most men do…)!

I’ll send more photos as the night wears on so you can be there with us!


Awesome Camping/Fishing close to Redding

Last weekend we went to Hat Creek Campground. It was so much fun! The creek is reguarly stocked with German Brown Trout–you can see them just swaying in the creek waiting to be caught. Great elevation, easy access to the creek–no posion oak to forge through. The campsite is set up so you’re close to the creek, but nobody is actually on the creek- allowing full acess for fishing. Only $16 a night to camp, well manitained campground. Flush toliets :) We will definalty do it again! If you like to fish and actually catch fish- it’s well worth the quick drive!
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Back To School in 72 Hours!

Well for many parents out there, the countdown is on! Many kids are excited to be returning to school to see their friends and wear their new school clothes…while others may be bummed that their fun summer is coming to a close. Whatever the case, most parents I know are ready for school to resume so they can get back to their normally scheduled days.

Over the summer we’ve taken numerous trips to the new Redding Library, went to the movies, took trips to Turtle Bay Museum to see the Birds and Butterflies exhibit and more. We didn’t make it out to the boat as much as we wanted to as the air quality has been so low this summer but we did the best we could with what time we had. The exciting time for us is yet to come in October/November when the real estate market slows for the winter and we will take a family vacation, hopefully this year’s trip to Disneyland.


Turtle Bay Museum “Birds In Flight”

Well yesterday while waiting for some clients to finish an appointment, I took their kids and mine to Turtle Bay Museum to see the Birds In Flight and Butterfly exhibits. I hadn’t been there yet this year but it is so relaxing and fun for everyone, regardless of age! The birds will land on you as you’ll see in the photos and the butterfly exhibit is so peaceful you could just sit on the bench and watch them flutter around you all day and be happy! p.s. we have a family membership…less than $100 for the year and you can have unlimited access to the park and even bring guests for free…now that is a great deal!

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Bridge Closed To Boaters???

For those that travel through downtown Redding over the Cypress Avenue Bridge you have probably gotten caught up in traffic sometime during the day.  Whether it is going to or coming from work or during the lunch hour we’ve all been annoyed at the delays.  Now, having a closed turn lane onto Bechelli and less space to travel on the roadways may not be the only complaint for Redding residents.

A panel of 8 boaters, fisherman, river guides and kayakers has been assembled for the City Council to help advise on what should be done during the reconstruction of the Cypress Avenue Bridge through the year 2010.  While the bridge is slated to remain open for most of the duration, the committe may recommend that the waterway beneath the bridge actually be closed for safety reasons during construction.

If this topic interests you it will be decided upon on March 18th at the Redding City Coucil meeting.


Whiskeytown Lake Guided Activities

Ranger Guided Activities

Unless otherwise noted, the ranger guided activities described below are offered during the summer months only at Whiskeytown. All Ranger Guided activity schedules and programs are subject to change. For current information and updates about activities please contact the Visitor Center at (530) 246-1225.


Kayakers on Ranger Guided Tour
NPS photo
Kayakers on Ranger Guided Tour.

Kayak Tours
Hop on a kayak built for two and explore the quiet coves around Whiskeytown Lake while you learn more about the natural and cultural values of the park. Children must be at least six years old. All participants must know how to swim. Daily tours available. Times vary from morning tours to evening tours. Reservations are required. During the summer months register in advance by calling 530.242.3462, Monday through Saturday, 9 am to noon. The reservation line is staffed by volunteers and is often busy, please be patient and continue to call. Click here for more information on kayak tour registration requirements.

Junior Ranger Program.
NPS photo
Junior Ranger Program.

Junior Ranger
Kids ages 7 to 12 years old can become Whiskeytown Junior Rangers by learning about the special wonders of Whiskeytown. Download a Junior Ranger card before you come to Whiskeytown or stop by the visitor center to pick one up and ask how you can become a Whiskeytown Junior Ranger. During the summer, Rangers conduct special Junior Ranger programs at the Oak Bottom Amphitheater.

Junior Firefighters learning about Whiskeytown's fire engine.
NPS photo
Junior Firefighters learn what it takes to operate a fire engine.

Junior Firefighter
Discover the role that wildfire plays in our National Parks. Learn how firefighters manage fire to protect property, lives and ensure forest health. Participants meet at the Oak Bottom Amphitheater.

Visitors on a tour of the historic home of Charles Camden.
NPS photo
Visitors on tour of the historic home of Charles Camden.

Camden House Tours
Tour the 1852 home of pioneer/prospector Charles Camden and learn how he and his partner Levi Tower reshaped the landscape during the California Gold Rush. Discover how the area became a regional center of transportation and the efforts by the National Park Service to revitalize the historic orchard started by Levi Tower. Visitors meet across the footbridge at the Tower House Historic District.

Visitors trying their luck at goldpanning.
NPS photo
Visitors try their luck at goldpanning.

Gold Panning
Discover the myths and realities of the Gold Rush Days, then try your luck at finding your own gold the old fashioned way. Pans and shovels are provided. Meet across the footbridge at the Tower House Historic District.

All information provided courtesy of the Whiskeytown National Forest website at www.nps.gov


Whiskeytown Lake Hiking

If you are thinking of going hiking around Redding, try the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.  There are three main sections in the area, dividing the 24 established trails into three hikes – difficult, moderate and easy.  Some of the safety precautions to think about include the possibility of:

  • fees (daily passes are $5, weekly are $10 and annual  are $25)
  • dogs are permitted on leashes only.  Not allowed on swim beaches
  • No motorized vehicles on trails; bicycles allowed on most
  • Poison Oak is common, remember “leaves of 3 let them be”.  If you come into contact wash the exposed area with clear water and wash clothes in their own wash load.
  • Ticks are common.  Remove the tick with tweezers or seek medical attention.  Consider keeping the tick for testing of Lyme Disease in case you become ill or develop a target-shaped rash around bite.
  • Rattlesnakes.  Most bites occur as a result of teasing or trying to handle snakes.  Few people die from rattlesnake bites, but seek immediate medical attention if bitten.
  • Bears may approach, try to scare it by shouting and waving arms.  If a bear attacks, fall to ground in fetal position and play dead, protecting your head and neck with hands.
  • Mountain Lions aren’t very common but watch children and never let them run ahead on trails.  Don’t run if you cross paths with a mountain lion, this will stimulate their chase instinct.  Instead, face lion and stand upright, making eye contact and backing away slowly.  Open your coat, spread arms wide and put small children on your shoulders  to appear larger.  If attacked, fight back and don’t play dead. 

Historic Old Shasta

If you are looking for a fun place for a day trip, discover historic Old Shasta located about 6 miles West of Redding on the way to Whiskeytown Lake.  Old Shasta is a great place for the whole family to learn some history of Northern California.  The old town features a restored courthouse (now a museum), jail, bakery, cemetary and historic ruins.  I remember back in 8th grade our class took a field trip to Old Shasta and held a mock trial in the courthouse, visited the cemetary and ate lunch on the grass of the park.  It is a great place to take family photos and many high school seniors choose to have at least one photo session here with the brick ruins as their backdrop. 

Ruins in Shasta Historic Park
Shasta State Historic Park

Shasta Historical Park
California State Historic Park
Highway 299 West
Shasta, CA
Phone/Recorded Message
(530) 243-8194
Wednesday – Sunday: 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Monday and Tuesday
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day