The REAL secrets behind Home Staging!

Home StagingNearly everyone these days has been watching the TV shows on HGTV…”Design on a Dime”, “Buy Me”, “Color Splash”…or even the latest “The Stagers”.  We’ve learned how to make our homes look like a million bucks for next to nothing for actually living in them but is this the best advice for a future home seller?

No.  Staging is not the same as creating a usable space that you will enjoy.  Instead, staging is the art of making your home appealing to the masses (or as many people as possible) instead of for you.  True home staging doesn’t address the issues of comfort and usability…instead, it address the best way to make the rooms look the largest by increasing the open floor space. 

Whether it is elimination of extra furniture (ie side tables, floor pillows, large bulky furniture and replacing them with smaller furniture and larger art work, mirrors (to enlarge rooms) and wall decor.  By picking items up off the floor and making the walls tell the story the rooms visually are larger and more open. 

Creating an atmosphere viod of overly-dramatic details (deep colored walls, etc.) can help more people imagine themselves living in the space and helps them to avoid the feeling that there is much work (painting, repairs) that would have to be done before they move in.  These changes equal $$$$ and that decreases potential offer prices should an offer be made.

Neutral color palattes are the rage for home sellers…browns, beiges, light colors that reflect light and enlarge spaces as well as spaced furniture that maximizes window views, fireplaces…any focal point.  So what should you do to start?  Focus on the overall look of your room.  Eliminate those “trinkets” with sentimental value (often they don’t add to the appeal but detract from it)…remove the items that are bulky and serve a specific purpose for you but aren’t needed in the room to show it (ie CD storage, small tables, computer desk, etc.  Paint the room a light and airy color and pull blinds up for showings to add light to the room. 

Remember, if all else fails, call a neutral third party to suggest changes that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself!  It is best to not be a friend/family member as they can foster feelings about certain objects. If you are in the Shasta/Tehama County areas, we’d be glad to help you!  Just call us at 530.227.0345! 


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