The REAL secrets behind Home Staging!

Home StagingNearly everyone these days has been watching the TV shows on HGTV…”Design on a Dime”, “Buy Me”, “Color Splash”…or even the latest “The Stagers”.  We’ve learned how to make our homes look like a million bucks for next to nothing for actually living in them but is this the best advice for a future home seller?

No.  Staging is not the same as creating a usable space that you will enjoy.  Instead, staging is the art of making your home appealing to the masses (or as many people as possible) instead of for you.  True home staging doesn’t address the issues of comfort and usability…instead, it address the best way to make the rooms look the largest by increasing the open floor space. 

Whether it is elimination of extra furniture (ie side tables, floor pillows, large bulky furniture and replacing them with smaller furniture and larger art work, mirrors (to enlarge rooms) and wall decor.  By picking items up off the floor and making the walls tell the story the rooms visually are larger and more open. 

Creating an atmosphere viod of overly-dramatic details (deep colored walls, etc.) can help more people imagine themselves living in the space and helps them to avoid the feeling that there is much work (painting, repairs) that would have to be done before they move in.  These changes equal $$$$ and that decreases potential offer prices should an offer be made.

Neutral color palattes are the rage for home sellers…browns, beiges, light colors that reflect light and enlarge spaces as well as spaced furniture that maximizes window views, fireplaces…any focal point.  So what should you do to start?  Focus on the overall look of your room.  Eliminate those “trinkets” with sentimental value (often they don’t add to the appeal but detract from it)…remove the items that are bulky and serve a specific purpose for you but aren’t needed in the room to show it (ie CD storage, small tables, computer desk, etc.  Paint the room a light and airy color and pull blinds up for showings to add light to the room. 

Remember, if all else fails, call a neutral third party to suggest changes that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself!  It is best to not be a friend/family member as they can foster feelings about certain objects. If you are in the Shasta/Tehama County areas, we’d be glad to help you!  Just call us at 530.227.0345! 


Clint & Mindy Cronic are Realtors with Real Estate Professionals, GMAC in Redding, California.  If you are thinking of listing or buying a home contact us today for our aggressive marketing package or comprehensive buyer services VIP program!  530.227.0345 or


Johnny’s Cathouse in Redding – Local Brews?

So I was searching around the web tonight and always stumble somewhere new…tonight it was  where Shawn Sease from the brewery was discussing Johnny’s (the new bar in downtown Redding).  If you’ve been to our blog before, you know that we know the owner and are excited for him in his new venture.  Well Shawn made a great post about the beers that are served at Johnny’s, including one of their own local brews, North Star IPA.  Shawn describes their local brew as “very well balanced, light malt character, perfect amount of bitterness, but the aroma WHOA – hop oil fantasy”. 

I think its wonderful that Johnny’s is supporting the local brewery and so our hat is off to him.  So, stop by and have a glass of North Star IPA and, if that is not your thing, they do have a full bar as well as 18 other beers and let them know that the Cronics (oh and our blog, BloggingRedding of course) sent you and let us know how you like it!


Rain Rain Go Away!

Here it is, Memorial Day weekend…so many things to do in such a short period of time!  Go to the lake?  Camping?  Drive to the coast or Ashland, Oregon?  Go to Sacramento and see family?  Well for us, our big plan was to go to Shasta Lake and enjoy the boat that we haven’t been able to use in a while.  Just to spend a night out on the water with the family and no (or limited) cell phone connectivity.  With an early morning appointment we knew we couldn’t be out long but it was going to be GREAT! 

The the weather forecast hit…no biggie..they are wrong a lot and it was supposed to be light sprinkles…but nope!  Woke up to rain.  Now we have a family wondering “what to do that is fun”???  So Clint’s brother called and the “GUYS” are going to go ride indoor go-karts at Need To Speed (or Need2Speed) in the old downtown mall.  Later tonight we will then hit the new Indiana Jones movie with the family and see how good Harrison Ford has aged!  Will tell more later!


Redding Make-A-Wish Radiothon

The annual Redding Make-A-Wish radiothon wraps up today at the Mt. Shasta Mall.  The radiothon has been going on since yesterday and as of this morning the radio station I was listening to, Q97FM,  had said they had raised enough money to grant 10 wishes for kids!  It is not too late to make your donation, just call the number below:

Phone # is 1-877-675-9474(WISH)
Current Make-A-Wish total: $68,096
as of 11:00am 3/28/2008

Jeremiah - Make-A-Wish recipient
See Auction Items and other pics

All donations go to grant the wishes of LOCAL children, like Jeremiah (above) with life threatening illnesses. Click HERE for more details.


The First Pregnant Man???

As I was driving to work this morning I flipped through some local stations and found a discussion about the first pregnant man.  Of course, being a mother of 2 kids, I wanted to hear more so I continued to listen.  The DJ’s discussed how Good Morning America had brought to light this story about a couple (man and woman) that were having a baby and the man was 22 weeks pregnant.  How could this be?  The man had apparently had a trans-gender operation at one point and still had all of his female reproductive organs but was undergoing hormone therapy to complete the transition from being a woman to a man!  The big question was why in the world did the man carry the child and not the woman in the relationship???  From what the DJ’s discussed with listeners, it probably was just so he could become famous for being the first man that was pregnant and to open up the dialogue on how our world has been changing so much over time!


Easter or holiday stories anyone???

Easter…that means either we travel to family or they come to Redding…this year we got the first.

Initially we GOT to make a trip to Sacramento on Thursday night so our son could fly out at 7am on Friday morning to Maryland.  We then returned directly after dropping him off to get back to Redding for some work on Friday we had to complete…Clint then went to a birthday party in Chico Friday night with some old friends and for some golfing this morning.  I was lucky enough to get to ride back to Sacramento with my mom and grandma for a quick overnight “babysitting” event for my sister’s 3 boys (plus my 2 year old). 

WOW kids sure have energy when they are in large groups.  How do those with 5+ kids maintain sanity…it must be with mass organization of all activities.  Dying Easter eggs was crazy…with 2, 3, 5 and 7 year old kids, all wanting to use the same color and all wanting to “triple dip” the eggs in many colors…we barely made it through with only a couple broken eggs and dyed fingertips!

It’s all over now…settled in to watch a movie and then hit the hay while E.B. (our codename for the Easter Bunny) hops on by and leaves presents for the kids.  Luckily my sister will be home tomorrow and after filling up on salmon and tri tip we can happily climb into the car for that “quick” 2.5 hour jaunt back to good old Redding.

Do you have a good holiday story to post?  Go for it we’d love to hear it!


Don’t We Just Love “Jury Duty”???

So…does anyone know exactly how people get selected for jury duty?  Some say if you are a registered voter…others say taxes…yet others say it is hit and miss…I am one of the few and lucky that gets selected EVERY year to appear and I believe it is because I was in the military.  I think they believe that you are patriotic and want to help the country and they feel we are “more than happy” to serve.  

Well I got the summons in the mail a few weeks ago that I was the “lucky” person who was going to “get” to join about 120 others in Jury Duty starting today.  So the announcement says to report by 8:30am…hmmm…it probably should have said to report no later than 10:00am as that is when the last potential jurors finally got seated. 

Then it was time to watch 2 marvelous videos about it being our civic duty to serve and what a juror actually does in a trial.   Funny thing…they were newer recordings but were actually VHS tapes that the operator had a bit of difficulty starting.  Don’t we do this every week people?  Maybe we should practice a bit more to get that old VCR working!

By 11:00am the first group was called…not my name…but of course I couldn’t be excused as there are some other trials that need jurors.  They say “Why don’t you take a 30 minute break”…of course we had to come back in and sit for another 30 minutes following the break until they called more names for the next “round” of jurors.  YIPPEE!!! Finally I get called and we are taken to “our” courtroom.  Herded up 50 steps (they were sure to tell us just how many steps we would be taking) to the final destiny awaiting us.

Oh wait, it’s lunch time…be back at 1:30pm sharp please.  Did I mention that 1:30pm sharp really meant “sit in the hallway until 1:45pm and then someone will let you into the door and we’ll begin jury selection”??? 

And what is the part about needing to learn the history of EVERY potential juror and their entire family?  Is it really that important to the case where the daughter of a potential juror went to school?  So I sat there thinking I was safe…plenty of jurors…maybe I wouldn’t have to play “12 Angry Men”…but wait…I hear the clerk say my name…do I hide and duck???  “Here” I exclaim and proceed to my seat in the juror box with the other citizens lucky enough to spend the gorgeous day inside this stuffy room.

Oh well…as Americans, we have “earned” this right to try our peers for their potential crimes…the way we would want to be if we were in their position.  Without bias and with open ears to hear the testimony, see the evidence and make a decision based solely on facts and evidence and not what we feel in our hearts.  Can you do this???? Yes you can.

So I return tomorrow, at 9am sharp…to a room that probably won’t open until 9:15am…to hear the evidence and gather the facts.



Cold or Flu?

Since Friday we have been suffering (as well as those around us…) from the sickness that is floating around…not sure if it is just a strong cold or if it is the flu!  If you haven’t gotten it yet, increase your Vitamin C, Zinc and Airborne and hope that it passes you by.

It started Friday night when I got the chills followed by sweats…progressed Saturday to stomachache and dizzyness.  Then Clint got it so the poor kids were stuck at home with us on the couches.  We got some Blockbuster movies and the kids actually had an okay time…and haven’t gotten too sick yet!

So we tried to get back to work today and ended up back at home so we didn’t give our bug to others in the office.  Hopefully spending this afternoon at home will help kick it completely and we’ll be as good as new tomorrow!  One can hope at least…


Early Christmas!

Well it has been a very long last couple of days!  We have been spending the past 48 hours with non-stop family!  From spending the night at Clint’s father’s house with 25+ relatives (sleeping bag heaven) to having a family Christmas dinner at our house today we are exhausted and ready to return to work!  I think it took more energy and work to entertain all those people and cook (although we are all 5 pounds heavier and have left-overs for days)!  I am very excited to spend tomorrow morning relaxing and doing some website maintenance.  However, Clint will be shopping since he hasn’t done ANY yet and the tradition for he and his brother Chris is to “hit the mall” and stop by the Rusty Nail for a quick drink between stores and then have me pick them up when they are done.  The kids have had a lot of fun spending time with cousins from Red Bluff and Sacramento and all are exhausted and ready for an early bed tonight! 

Share your Christmas stories here!