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Surprises are nice this time of year. Especially when they’re useful. In this issue of Lowe’s Creative Ideas, we’ve included a few just for you! As you flip through, keep an eye out for graphic tags that look like little bits of abstract art (like the one below). When you see the tag, take your smart phone (BlackBerry, DROID, or iPhone), and use the Tag Reader  application to scan it. Then, BAM! You’ll enjoy  extra content, videos, and mobile pages on your phone. How cool is that? Simply follow the instructions at right, and you’ll be ready to view all the extras. The  app also remembers the tags you capture, so you can go back and view them later. Sweet technology! Go ahead and explore; you’ll start  to see more tags in future issues.

Scan this tag to view an exclusive holiday project video from our What a Great Idea! section.

Download the app and view content with these steps. Go to GetTag.mobi on your phone’s browser to download the FREE Microsoft Tag Reader app.

Once installed, open the app.

Line up the crosshairs on your phone screen with the tag. The tag will be scanned and the content will appear on your phone in seconds.


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