What exactly is a “Short Sale”?

Redding, CA Short SaleI just wanted to take a moment to discuss a SHORT SALE as many people that we encounter in the Redding area have no clue what it actually means. 

A “short sale” is when someone who owns a home (financed by a bank) is allowed to sell the home for less than the current amount owed on the property.  The bank needs to approve the amount of payoff that is “short” of the amount that is owed to them and this is where the name “short sale” comes from. 

The misconception is that ANYONE can do a short sale just because the home is worth less than they paid for it.  This is very untrue and Realtors should be discussing this with potential homeowners looking to do a short sale on their home.  Banks now are reviewing possible short sale homes to determine if the seller actually qualifies to sell the home short. 

So how can a home and the seller “qualify” for a short sale?  Each bank varies.  This being said, the general rule is that the seller needs to show a “hardship” through a letter in which they disclose their situation that has led them to HAVE to sell the home now instead of waiting out the market.  Some hardships include loss of job or medical problems and the seller should present actual proof of the hardship with the Short Sale package.   In addition to a hardship, some banks are reviewing the original loan package from when the buyer purchased the home to ensure they didn’t exaggerate their income/decrease expenses when they originally purchased (which is actually lender fraud and some areas considered “grand theft”).  You should also be prepared to provide past tax documents and statements of current income/expenses to support your need to sell now. 

For more information on Short Sales contact Clint & Mindy Cronic, The Cronic Group of Real Estate Professionals GMAC at 530.227.0345 or via email at contactus@sellingredding.com.


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