Bottom-line Home Sellers

Over the last few weeks it has become apparent that many of the sellers out there have reached their bottom line at which they can/will sell their home for. We’ve written more offers lately with the response from the seller nearer to full price only because they can’t (or won’t) go any lower. What this means is that these sellers are willing to wait out the foreclosure/REO/short sale market until better selling conditions exist for them if they don’t have to sell. If you want one of these homes you may pay a higher price, that is just the bottom line.

What does this mean to buyers? If you are looking at one of these homes (where sellers don’t have to sell) you may have to either up your price to get the home of your dreams or hold out yourself and hope market conditions continue to decline and that particular seller eventually changes their mind and decides to sell. Remember buyers, not everyone with their home listed on the market “HAS” to sell. If you are trying to get a deal (and there are plenty out there in the Redding area right now) you may want to keep shopping through the inventory until you find a seller that will accept your offer. After talking with some of our sellers that don’t have to sell, their response is that they will just “wait out” the foreclosure and REO market. Since they don’t need to sell, if the right buyer comes along then negotiations will happen but someone has to want their home not just “steal” it as some sellers are saying.

This doesn’t mean, however, that all homeowners are inflexible. Many out there are ready to make a deal but you have to write an offer to get it reviewed. Don’t be afraid to make an offer if you are interested and be sure to negotiate as high as you can go initially if there are multiple offers on the home so you don’t miss out on the opportunity if you really want the home.

If you are buying now be prepared to make a few offers on different homes (if you aren’t looking for your “dream home” but would rather find a good investment), be pre-approved with a lender so when you do see a new home come onto the market you are ready to purchase and work closely with your agent to ensure they are out there looking for you as well.

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