Rain Rain Go Away!

Here it is, Memorial Day weekend…so many things to do in such a short period of time!  Go to the lake?  Camping?  Drive to the coast or Ashland, Oregon?  Go to Sacramento and see family?  Well for us, our big plan was to go to Shasta Lake and enjoy the boat that we haven’t been able to use in a while.  Just to spend a night out on the water with the family and no (or limited) cell phone connectivity.  With an early morning appointment we knew we couldn’t be out long but it was going to be GREAT! 

The the weather forecast hit…no biggie..they are wrong a lot and it was supposed to be light sprinkles…but nope!  Woke up to rain.  Now we have a family wondering “what to do that is fun”???  So Clint’s brother called and the “GUYS” are going to go ride indoor go-karts at Need To Speed (or Need2Speed) in the old downtown mall.  Later tonight we will then hit the new Indiana Jones movie with the family and see how good Harrison Ford has aged!  Will tell more later!


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