First Impressions DO count in real estate

The latest craze in real estate as most know is to complete DIY projects, saving time and money for the homeowner.  This is true in many instances but follow a couple rules: take your time and don’t cut corners and decorate for the masses if you are planning to sell anytime soon.  What I mean by “decorate for the masses” is to create an environment with paint colors and materials that almost anyone could bring their existing furniture into and live. 

What we are seeing now with many homes on the market in our area is a need for buyers to get the best “perceived value”.  They may look at 20 homes and find one home over the rest that has been staged to sell (doesn’t have to be by a professional “stager”) but appears as if the current owners have meticulously maintained the home.  Walking into a home with a clean front porch, clean eaves, mowed lawn and a couple live potted plants feels inviting to potential buyers whereas overgrown grass, broken-down cars and dead plants can be a warning sign of an improperly maintained home.  Here is a quick sample of what I mean…


Unstaged/cluttered homes might detract buyers


Clean and fresh homes attract buyers to see more!


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