Easter or holiday stories anyone???

Easter…that means either we travel to family or they come to Redding…this year we got the first.

Initially we GOT to make a trip to Sacramento on Thursday night so our son could fly out at 7am on Friday morning to Maryland.  We then returned directly after dropping him off to get back to Redding for some work on Friday we had to complete…Clint then went to a birthday party in Chico Friday night with some old friends and for some golfing this morning.  I was lucky enough to get to ride back to Sacramento with my mom and grandma for a quick overnight “babysitting” event for my sister’s 3 boys (plus my 2 year old). 

WOW kids sure have energy when they are in large groups.  How do those with 5+ kids maintain sanity…it must be with mass organization of all activities.  Dying Easter eggs was crazy…with 2, 3, 5 and 7 year old kids, all wanting to use the same color and all wanting to “triple dip” the eggs in many colors…we barely made it through with only a couple broken eggs and dyed fingertips!

It’s all over now…settled in to watch a movie and then hit the hay while E.B. (our codename for the Easter Bunny) hops on by and leaves presents for the kids.  Luckily my sister will be home tomorrow and after filling up on salmon and tri tip we can happily climb into the car for that “quick” 2.5 hour jaunt back to good old Redding.

Do you have a good holiday story to post?  Go for it we’d love to hear it!


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